Welcome to SCENECITY

SceneCity is a communication platform for the international Demoscene, providing group- and one-to-one chat communication as well as video streaming services.

Our services are strictly non-commercial and very much focused on privacy. 

About the Demoscene

The demoscene is an international computer art subculture focused on producing demos: self-contained, sometimes extremely small, computer programs that produce audiovisual presentations. The purpose of a demo is to show off programming, visual art, and musical skills. Demos and other demoscene productions (graphics, music, videos, games) are shared at festivals known as demoparties, voted on by those who attend and released online.

To learn more about the demoscene, check out the Wikipedia article.

Our Services

Live Streaming

SceneCity is running a video streaming system, including a huge number of relay servers distributed world-wide.

The streaming system is to be used to Stream demoparties, instead of relying on commercial services.


SceneCity chat is based on a heavily modified version of the open-source Mattermost chat software. The most important modifications are improving privacy by removing any telemetry and usage of external resources. In addition to the web client, we are providing our own apps for Android and iOS. Also, the system is compatible with other existing Mattermost clients.


SceneCity is based on SceneID. SceneID is a secure, single-sign-on OAuth 2.0 authentication service for demoscene websites. SceneID is designed and maintained by the not-for-profit "The International Scene Organization ry", residing in Helsinki, Finland. It's used on various demoscene related websites, with pouet.net being the most famous one.

Please note that there is no way to create an account here at SceneCity - in case you don't have an account yet, you need to create one at SceneID.


Logo: pixtur
Streaming server: sir_yoda
App development: 2b
Code, Site & Hosting: scamp